Oops… by Sarah May


I can’t wait for Sarah May’s next Release Oops…

Oops- Sarah May


Sarah May’s individualistic and honest style of songwriting exemplifies what good artistry is about. Her clear and at times raw messages are enveloped by catchy melodies that take the listener on a journey that they’re all are able to understand.


Sarah is a born and bred Londoner who discovered her passion for music at a young age. She has an active interest in contemporary culture, politics and obviously music. She has recently returned from Taiwan after a two-year stint of travelling and exploring south-east Asia and intends to be gigging a few times a week. She may well be at an open mic night near you.


Themes of female empowerment, patriarchal double standards and the yearning of unrequited love list but a few of the topics tackled in her music. Whether acoustic or accompanied by a jaunty synth beat Sarah May’s transparent and sometimes hauntingly powerful vocals stay with you even after listening (in a good way).


Sarah’s honest and unashamedly frank style demonstrates the authenticity that I enjoy and I shall be awaiting Oops to drop shortly (available on all major platforms).


Other titles include:

Because I Turned Your Down [Explicit]:


Nothing To You [Explicit]:

Mary Stuart: Queen of Scotland… and Runway

A life cut short through loss, betrayal leading to imprisonment and finally execution doesn’t fill me with positivity.


There have been a many depictions of Mary Stuart in film from Katharine Hepburn in Mary Queen of Scotland (1936) to Das Herz der Königin (The Heart of the Queen) (1940) a 1940’s German interpretation which saw Zara Leander in a historical musical role, yet one of the aspects of the movies that abide (majoritively) to the sixteenth century fashions also find themselves seeping into the creations of luxury designers.

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Shaken and Stirred Style: Classic to Contemporary Bond

Bond,…James Bond

I was brought up in a family where the Bond films were predominant on the television form Dr. No (1962) to Spectre (2015). Cinema trips would be organised when a new Bond film is released and the broadcasting of the films in the franchise would be enjoyed throughout the year.

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Fashion: On Screen


Over the years there are films that have given us great fashion viewing, some famously popular and some that have received less acclaim. The following titles are but a few that have offered great outfits, interesting plots and complex protagonists.

Holly Golightly & Paul Varjack

Lets start off with a classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) where Holly Golighlty (Audrey Hepburn) and Paul Varjack (George Peppard) meet when Varjack moves into the same apartment block. The iconic sheath little black Givenchy dress that hugs Hepburn’s slender figure made of Italian satin epitomizes her character. Hepburn was famously a friend of Hubert de Givenchy, however it was Edith Head that assisted with costume support on the movie and had to re-design the dress for screen as the original showed too much leg. Read more

Catsuits and Catwalks

Life’s a b***h. So am I.

One of my earliest memories with regards to film is when I was allowed to see Tim Burton’s Batman Returns (1992) in which Michelle Pfeiffer played the awkward bullied secretary to Max Shrek (Christopher Walken) who is pushed to her death and is reborn thanks to a clowder of felines into Catwoman. Most audiences would be focused on the remarkable transformation of Pfeiffer into her anti-hero, I was however transfixed on her wardrobe designed by Mary Vogt.

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Runway to Red Carpet

Numerous models have transitioned from the runway into the movie world…

From the outset modelling offers many opportunities to meet fabulous designers, walk the runways of Milan, Paris, New York and London and even acting. And no I am not talking about acting in the way that the Kardashians do for the camera I mean actually trained creating interesting and enjoyable movies.

Taking direction from the likes of Grace Jones and Twiggy the models below show that they are more than a pretty face and fierce walk.

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The Handmaid’s Tale: Runway


Under his eye.

Hulu’s adaptation of  Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel The Handmaid’s Tale couldn’t have arrived at a more pivotal time amongst an atmosphere of uncertainty and disbelief in the real world audiences tune into the second season for escapism and searching for hope for the protagonist Offred/June (Elisabeth Moss).

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Heading to Pride as the GBF

Acceptance without Exception

This article is in response to:

The above article is aimed at Straight Allies who are maybe new to Pride, giving a run down of the do’s and don’ts.

Personally the best way to get educated is to ask questions in a sensitive and respectful way, but remember that we are there to enjoy the event so no doctors’ lists please.

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