Numerous models have transitioned from the runway into the movie world…

From the outset modelling offers many opportunities to meet fabulous designers, walk the runways of Milan, Paris, New York and London and even acting. And no I am not talking about acting in the way that the Kardashians do for the camera I mean actually trained creating interesting and enjoyable movies.

Taking direction from the likes of Grace Jones and Twiggy the models below show that they are more than a pretty face and fierce walk.


Whether looking for adaptability, talent and even prestigious Awards See below for some    models turned actors that tickle our fancy.

Charlize Theron: Monster (2003) and Atomic Blond (2017).

Monster  Atomic Blonde

Cara Delevingne: Paper Towns (2015), Suicide Squad (2016).



Mark Whalberg: Ted (2012), Boogie Nights (1997) and The Departed (2006).



Agyness Deyn: Clash of the Titans (2010) and television drama Hard Sun (2018).



Jamie Dornan: Once Upon a Time (2011-2013) and Fifty Shades of Grey (2015).



Lily Cole: Snow White and the Huntsman (2012), The Moth Diaries (2011).

Moth Diaries

Channing Tatum: 21 Jump Street (2012) and Magic Mike (2012).



Milla Jovovich: appeared in the Resident Evil films, A Perfect Getaway (2009), Ultraviolet (2006) amongst many other titles.



Jonathan Rhys Myers: Shelter/6 Souls (2010) alongside Julianne Moore and The Tudors (2007-2010).



The list of models turned actors is ever-growing and the pool of talent is ever emerging. But what allows for longevity? Is it having a repertoire the length of your arm or titles stretching into every genre? The modelling pool has a wide breadth from which the world of cinematography may pluck.

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