I can’t fly, but I’m willing to try….

Sarah May Fly
Sarah May’s next instalment…

Sarah May’s latest song Fly encapsulates in the beginning a somber tone with a heart of hope, as always her lyrics tell of a deeply personal journey is easily relatable, adding to her allure as an artist.

Her opening lyrics “I can’t fly, but I’m willing to try…’ accompanied by the carefully balanced keyboard melody that caries the listener through the journey of the song lays the foundations of a visceral piece of music that is both charming and evocative.


Her music often holds themes of loss of love, however Fly breathes further life into the trope as the song unfolds it becomes apparent that after heartbreak that there is opportunity for emotional rebirth and progression in moving forwards for oneself. May is regularly able to convey familiar and sometimes uncomfortable feelings to her listeners whilst holding a message of strength of character, independence; which makes for compelling listening.


May’s honest way of storytelling shows the listener a situation, her perspective and growth.


As always May’s vocals are clear and deliver her message to the listener whilst retaining a consistent conviction behind every word. I no doubt shall be listening to Fly on loop for the foreseeable future.


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