Falling High- Sarah May


…rising down into the deep”

Falling High
Artwork by Shahrukh Hussnain

Sarah May has already proven herself to be an established singer, songwriter and performer through her euphony of releases, Take Me Away, Fly, and Oops to name but a few tracks. Her latest release is just as compelling as she transitions her talents into an ambient electro chill out track. In previous interviews with Produced By a Girl Podcast she has expressed her love of house, dance, techno and electro as being favoured and influential genres.


  • Written and produced by Sarah May
  • Mixed and mastered by James Preston
  • Artwork by Shahrukh Hussnain

The title itself is an oxymoron and fits perfectly with the lyrics. The juxtaposition of “Falling High” with “…into the deep…”  is emphasised through the song with a beat that builds as the track progresses surrounding and holding the listener throughout. The incremental progression of the track adds layers for the audience through the ambient almost meditative feel.

“I’m falling high into the deep” although contradictory enables the listener to embrace the euphoric graduation of the track throughout to its crescendo. Sarah consistently delivers polished music and this is no exception, it may deviate in style from her previous tracks but the creativity and effort put into her music is self evident, well constructed and a joy to listen to.

The track starts softly but builds progressing into an exemplary piece that wouldn’t be out of place on the club circuits of Berlin, London or Ibiza.

Falling High is Sarah’s first release of the year, and I am excited to see her creative talents continue to flourish throughout 2020, as with most creative mediums the hunger for more is greatly outstripped by the ability to create, produce and release. When I hear of Sarah May’s next track release I shall keep you all updated, until then I await patiently.

Take Me Away- Sarah May

…Comfort me dancing in the rain…

The latest release by Sarah May Take Me Away deviates from her previous releases of tackling social issues such as mental health, feminism and sexism lightened through her use of humor. Take Me Away reflects Sarah’s love of techno with a prominent beat, synths and effects when combined with her voice creates a song that wouldn’t be out of place in the Berlin club scene let alone London.

Sarah is obviously a creative force to be admired and Take Me Away stands as an accomplished piece from a differing facet of her music tastes. Take Me Away opens with the title lyrics in an almost meditative chant before building the layers of music that washes the listener in an ambient and encompassing journey.

Similarly Sarah’s previous releases her music continues to offer an expressive escapism for her fans as well as herself. Her upbeat electronic work in Take Me Away adds to the permeating effect her music has on the listener as she continues to ooze creativity with a momentum of brilliance behind her.

Take Me Away illustrates the breadth of creative talent Sarah has, as well as expanding the relationship of artist to audience through the medium of music. Sarah’s work consistently welcomes and encourages the listener to partake in her journey, her accessible lyrics and polished creative talents are evocative and reflective allowing the listener/audience a release and rest bite from the wet and windy November weather.

Catch Sarah May’s interview on the Produced by a Girl podcast to find out about her influences, creative process and the personality behind the voice.

Fly- Sarah May

I can’t fly, but I’m willing to try….

Sarah May Fly
Sarah May’s next instalment…

Sarah May’s latest song Fly encapsulates in the beginning a somber tone with a heart of hope, as always her lyrics tell of a deeply personal journey is easily relatable, adding to her allure as an artist.

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Oops… by Sarah May


I can’t wait for Sarah May’s next Release Oops…

Oops- Sarah May


Sarah May’s individualistic and honest style of songwriting exemplifies what good artistry is about. Her clear and at times raw messages are enveloped by catchy melodies that take the listener on a journey that they’re all are able to understand.


Sarah is a born and bred Londoner who discovered her passion for music at a young age. She has an active interest in contemporary culture, politics and obviously music. She has recently returned from Taiwan after a two-year stint of travelling and exploring south-east Asia and intends to be gigging a few times a week. She may well be at an open mic night near you.


Themes of female empowerment, patriarchal double standards and the yearning of unrequited love list but a few of the topics tackled in her music. Whether acoustic or accompanied by a jaunty synth beat Sarah May’s transparent and sometimes hauntingly powerful vocals stay with you even after listening (in a good way).


Sarah’s honest and unashamedly frank style demonstrates the authenticity that I enjoy and I shall be awaiting Oops to drop shortly (available on all major platforms).


Other titles include:

Because I Turned Your Down [Explicit]:


Nothing To You [Explicit]: