The Scorched Earth…

Marina Shemesh has released this “Scorched Earth” image under Public Domain license.

I was fortunate enough to join the discussion surrounding The Case for Climate Reparations: Colonialism, corporate power and restorative climate justice. The talk was hosted by Global Justice Now and was led by Dorothy Guerrero (@deeguerero) Head of Policy at Global Justice Now.

The speakers included Asad Rehmn (@chilledasad100) War On Want , Lumumba Di-Aping: Former UN Climate Negotiator and  Adrienne Buller: Senior Fellow at Common Wealth (@adribuller).

Lumumba Di-Aping stated that it was ‘…self evident global efforts had not been heeded…’ and that the goals set in the 1994 UN Framework for preventing dangerous CO2 levels had not been met. This ‘destruction by inaction’ is a global problem, however it is the global south that are feeling the effect of global warming at a higher frequency and are at greater risk of resource, agricultural and financial decimation. The effect of global warming is humanitarian crisis, starvation, drought, disease and extreme weather conditions are but the arrowhead of the collapse of the global south. Di-Aping states that Africa’s Lake Chad has dried up, the indigenous Maori people have lost most of their habitat. The Po river in Italy has dried up and Germany has been battling torrential rains that Bangladesh has been experiencing for the past 30 plus years.

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